Some Facts We Need to Know About the Country of India

Some Facts We Need to Know About the Country of India

Some Facts We Need to Know About the Country of India – In recent years the attack on Indian films into Indonesia has become a poison for Indonesians especially for Slot Online members
from VB88 who likes watching Indian films for fun entertainment, which nowadays many parents and many young people love Indian films from their rocking out of their songs.

And there are also lots of Indian movie dramas passing on Indonesian revised broadcasts, even many popular Indian artists in Indonesia such as Shah Rukh khan, Kareena Kapoor, kajol, Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir khan, Aishwarya rai and others – other.

Behind the spelling of the films, it turns out that a country that has many works with color and culture turns out to have many ironic factors that we don’t know yet, do you know that the rate of abortion in this country of India is very high in the world.

Some Facts We Need to Know About the Country of India

Not only that which makes us surprised, there are also facts – facts that we do not know, let’s see what facts are in India.

The first is breathing in Mumbai is the same as smoking 100 cigarettes at a time, why is that because in the area of ​​Mumbai is an area in India with a population explosion that is so large.

Because mumbai is one of the major cities in India because of the quality of the environment and a lot of dense housing, which has a very dirty air quality where air pollution is not good to breathe because oxygen is polluted.

The second is that many women in India die from violence every hour, with the number of deaths of women in India making women in a country called Bollywood life uneasy.

Because in just one hour there are women in India who die of violence whether it’s domestic violence, sexual violence, mugging or theft, so it becomes homework for the Indian government to be able to handle the problem.

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The third Most Indians are more important to have a smartphone than the toilet at home, no wonder many children in India are affected by many diseases because there are many people there who defecate carelessly.

Almost in rural areas in India do not have toilets in their homes, they have more smartphones than to make toilets in their homes, and now many members of their council do breakthroughs to make public toilets in places where residents do not have toilets.

The fourth is marrying an animal dog becomes common, and usually in every country if marriage is human to humans but it is different from in India, wanting men and women to marry dogs is normal.

Above are shocking facts for people who do not know about India.

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