Kangna Ranaut: Krrish 3 Will Have A Path-Breaking Performance For Me

posted on : 13 Nov 2013
With less than a week to go for the release of Krrish 3, Kangna Ranaut is visibly excited to be a part of the sci-fi thriller. Asserting that she has delivered “a path-breaking performance” in the movie, the beautiful actress also reveals how she has become a much stronger person after experiencing so many hardships in the industry. StarWeek reports

If you want to meet a star who always lets her guards down while speaking, meet Kangna Ranaut. From being vocal about her bad relationships to talking from the heart about her Bollywood struggles, Kangy always tells it like it is. On the professional front, the last one year hasn’t seen much of Kangna, the performer. But guess the wait is finally over because she is all set to put up a stunning act in films like Rajjo, Queen, Revolver Rani – the list is endless. As she awaits the release of her slew of films, she sits down for a candid chat about her biggest release right now, Krrish 3. Read on as she talks about the movie and lots more…

Krrish 3 is an extremely important film for your career. How excited are you?
Oh, I can’t tell you how excited I am! Krrish 3 is my biggest release because of the amount of prints that are going to be released. Even the scale it’s being released on is huge. Being a Diwali release, it’s all the more special. It’s a very big festival
for our country and the film releasing at the same time makes things even better.
The media is abuzz with rumours suggesting that Priyanka Chopra is saddened by the fact that your role is more talked about than hers. Is there any sense of insecurity between you two?
I don’t think she’s insecure because she knows what she’s doing in the film. She has a very beautiful role in the movie. Obviously, everyone was prepared about how my role was going to be because my character is of the first supergirl and we haven’t seen women dressed up like that before. I think what the audience has seen in the songs and promos are just little glimpses of how I am in the film. The character is superb, the fight sequences are so good. So I think, to an extent, everyone was prepared for what my character was going to be like.
Apparently, you rejected the role first because you didn’t think it was meaty enough. Were you apprehensive because you didn’t want another fiasco like Kites to take place?
I didn’t reject the role. I was called to Rakeshji’s (Roshan, the director) office where he told me that he had a role for me and that I must read the script. That very minute, without reading the script, I said, ‘Sir, I don’t want to do the film’. He asked me why and I told him that it was because of what had happened with my character in Kites and how I wasn’t happy with that. So he assured me that Kites was Anurag Basu’s film. But you know, I’m an overtly sensitive person. I didn’t want to get hurt again. The Kites experience had been very hurtful even though I wasn’t in touch with Rakeshji or Hrithik (Roshan) that time because Anurag was the single point of contact. He was my mentor-cum-best friend. I felt cheated after that film. That’s why I really kept insisting that I didn’t want to do Krrish 3.
So how did you finally come on board?
Rakeshji, being a very dignified man, understood where I was coming from. He is so respectful towards others. I could be a very small actor compared to who he is but he didn’t take it in a bad way. He could’ve thought that this girl said no to the film without even reading the script. They kept calling me and Hrithik even invited me for his birthday party. In between all this, I would read news about people being signed on in my place for the film. I feel movies are like marriages – they’re made in heaven. When you are destined to do a film, it will come to you anyhow. When I started meeting the Roshans socially, I really warmed up to them. I regretted saying no to them. See, I’m not Aamir Khan who is so credible at the box-office although I realise that a Kites can’t harm me professionally. I continued doing better and better even after that. But I understand that I can’t be that choosy about my choice of roles. I just feel ki the whole attitude during Kites was wrong. I felt bad on a personal level. So when I began looking back, I started regretting the fact that I wasn’t doing Krrish 3. Meanwhile, they called me back on Diwali, 2011. They said, ‘We’re going ahead with this girl but we still think that you should do it because we wrote the role with you in mind’. By that time, even I was ready to do it so I went ahead with it. Now I’m really glad I did it. Krrish 3 is a genre-breaking film anyway. And I can confidently say that it will have a path-breaking performance from me.
In your very first film, you proved that you were a tremendous actor. But somewhere down the line, you made some questionable choices like Rascals, Tezz, etc. In fact, you even stated in an interview that you had stopped taking your career seriously at one point. Why did that happen?
It’s not that I didn’t take it seriously. But somewhere, I got a little insecure. When you’re being given the same roles and there are no options, you become like that. The Dirty Picture came to me when I was filming for Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai. I didn’t want to do it. I wanted to go into a different direction. Sometimes, you have to do that because you need to let go of a few things. Then Tanu Weds Manu came my way and everyone thought I was stupid to do a new director’s film. But that changed things in my career. After that, I was in a space where I wasn’t exactly a comedy actress like Juhi (Chawla) nor was I being Kangna. I was lost. Then I just did movies to sustain. I did whatever came my way. Maybe that didn’t make me happy as a creative person but sometimes, you do such films to sustain financially.
You were extremely young when you had started out. You’ve seen your share of struggle. Now when you look back, has all of it made you stronger?
I’m much stronger and mature than any girl my age today. That is because of the hardships I’ve gone through and the way I’ve seen life. That has made me extremely positive and strong. But I do get impatient sometimes. When you are young, jobless and don’t have enough work, it gets to you. This business is uncertain. Sometimes, you don’t get work for months and sometimes, you have five films coming together. 

By Chandni Ghosh

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